My Emo boy

The first time I saw him, I had just turned nineteen, and I was less
than a week away from beginning my first semester at a local community
college where my goal was to obtain a 2 year associate degree, and then
move up to the university level for my bachelors. Sadly, I had not listened
to my parents during my high school years regarding the GPA it would take
for me to gain university admission directly out of high school, so I was
doomed to another two years of living at home with the family.

Undoubtedly a contributing factor to my lack of full attention to
business during my high school years was my long running distraction with
figuring out my sexual orientation, a matter that had caused me an awful
lot of angst that occupied a lot of my time and thought processes. I had
long held with the idea that a major contribution to my confusion regarding
things sexual was my first introduction to high school level gym, and the
mandatory after class showers which were a group event filled with a couple
of dozen of my peers totally naked, or at least in various stages of

The idea that seeing other boy’s nude would be a source of sexual
excitement for me came as a real surprise. It wasn’t that I hadn’t
experienced my share of “you show me, and I’ll show you” during my early
youth, I had, but never quite on the scale of twenty young and virile teen
boys cavorting around a locker room and shower room fully naked five days a
week. I found it quite intriguing that so many of the boys seemed totally
at ease with allowing others to view them naked, and in some cases it
actually even seemed that they really enjoyed showing off their stuff, all
but strutting around the space while fully naked as they took all of the
available time before getting dressed for the next class of the day. As for
me, I was one of those that rushed through the shower stall as quickly as
possible so that I might quickly hide my equipment behind a wrap-around
towel at my waist. Once I had accomplished that modest maneuver, I found
myself perfectly happy to linger around the locker room until the last
minute, availing myself of all the eye candy that generated some highly
disturbing thoughts.

As my four year high school career progressed, and I matured
accordingly, I pretty much reached the conclusion that I was gay, seemingly
with a bias toward the more feminine type of boy. Not that I was attracted
to the serious flamer type, the stereotypical “limp wristed swisher” type,
but I was greatly attracted to the more “girly” type boys rather than the
highly macho “butch” type, the leather-and-tat types, who did nothing for
me whatever.

My personal style is probably best described as preppy, as I preferred
the more clean-cut boy-next-door look, and my haircut and mode of dress
reflected that. I was, of course, pretty much in the closet, and very few
of my classmates ever suspected my preferences even though it was widely
known that I exhibited little interest in girls, or dating during high
school. Oh, I usually found some female friend to take to the more
obligatory school events, the junior prom, and the senior ball, etc, but
those occasions were benign with me promptly seeing my “date” home with
nothing more than the occasional chaste peck on the cheek as we said
goodnight. I suppose there was the usual gossip behind my back regarding my
apparent lack of interest in attempting to physically maul any of these
ladies, but none it was ever presented to me in any kind of a mocking or
aggressive manner, so it was never an issue for me.

In any event, the aforementioned “he” referenced in my opening was the
boy member of the family that had moved into the house directly next door
to my own over this past summer. His name was Adam, age 14, and he was
going to be attending high school for the first time when school started
next week. He was a slender lad, and slight of build, probably not more
than 5′ 3″ tall and somewhere around 115 pounds, and generally cute as
hell. He was seriously “emo,” a style that was gaining in popularity,
especially among the younger teen set, and the feminine aspect of that
style held serious appeal for me.

Adam wore his hair in typical emo fashion, long and straight so that it
nearly hid his face as it hung down from his forehead in wild strands. He
had dyed it a Cole black, and then added several streaks of a vibrant red,
and he tended to use eyeliner to darken his eyebrows and lashes so that
they stood out. He dressed in full emo fashion, usually in a tee shirt
emblazoned with some acid rock band logo, over which he liked to wear a
too-large dress shirt of some ungodly plaid, or color, which was never
buttoned, or tucked into the tight stovepipe style jeans he favored. The
jeans were always decorated with dozens of stuck-on sequins and various
marker pen drawings of lightning bolts, swastikas, and all manner of
rebellious symbols. Often the jeans were sprinkled with carefully placed
rips that exposed sufficient smooth thigh or butt cheek flesh to capture
the prurient interest of guys like me, but I think the quirk of dress he
liked that intrigued me the most was his painted fingernails and toenails,
usually black, but now and then a vibrant red, or sickly green shade.

His slender and somewhat delicate fingers usually were heavily adorned
with jewelry, rings ranging from simple narrow bands to glaring skulls, and
fire-eyed dragons. I had never seen him without some kind of strand around
his narrow neck, usually a thin leather strap, or a string of puka shells,
and oh yea, the socks…he constantly wore wildly decorated socks, some of
which were long enough to rise above his knees, and these were topped by
hi-top tennis shoes, skate shoes actually, the canvas tops being of the
wildest patterns possible. At various times the ensemble included some
goofy kind of hat, but not always, I suppose depending on his mood.

To blend with this fashion statement, Adam also possessed his fair share
of “girly” mannerisms, and while it only endeared him further to me, it
made his mother roll her eyes frequently, while his dad had taken to pretty
much pretending he didn’t notice any of it. He loved to preen, frequently
striking an outrageous pose where he jutted one narrow hip out to the side
while he rested a limp hand on it as he formed an exasperated expression,
and sighed heavily. Girly as all hell, and it almost always gave me a
raging erection when he did it.

One oddity of his outrageous dress that always peaked my curiosity was
the fact that despite the sprayed-on tightness of those skinny jeans he
wore, there was never any hint of the treasures that surely lurked there. I
mean hell, a boy has junk, right…?…and no matter how modestly endowed
he might be, those second-skin jeans should show at least some measure of
bulge, wouldn’t you think? But nope, even when Adam rose up on his tiptoes
and stretched, his thin arms going fully over his head and sucking every
last inch of the meager slack from those jeans…nothing. Even stretched
out on his bed, or on the floor, negative hint available, and it drove me
nuts, if you will forgive the awful pun. I just knew he had a cock in
there, damn it, and balls too one would think, but those freaking jeans
really made a guy wonder if maybe, just maybe, Adam was equipped more
like… Eve. Could that even be possible…? I frequently wondered…a
pussy, for crying out loud…? No way…he might be “girly” in any number
of ways, but he was definitely a boy…wasn’t he…? As my curiosity on the
matter of Adam’s equipment grew to near obsessive levels, I was determined
to find out the facts, and hopefully during this final week of summer
vacation. Once classes began our hangout time together would be pretty
limited, certainly much more than now, when we were together nearly

Shortly after waking up, I lay back in my bed and mulled over several
plots I might use to somehow get the fair Adam out of his clothes, and that
thought process soon led to me visualizing him naked, an event which in
turned soon hand me idly toying with my own package which was indeed naked
under my sheet. All of that locker room/shower room perving during high
school had made one thing pretty clear to me, that being that my own
equipment was nothing to be shy about, comparatively speaking. My cock was
perhaps not the legendary proportions of porn stars, but there was no
question in my mind that I was thicker than most, actually quite a bit
thicker. Lengthwise I suppose I would define myself as above average, with
my penis measuring about 4 inches long when flaccid and just topping 7
inches when fully erect. I was circumcised, and the thick shaft of my cock
tapered into a wide and plumb-shaped head. My scrotum was plump as well,
and my balls were heavy which created a pretty nice pouch that dangled
slightly between my thighs. I toyed with the smooth sack as I contemplated
various ways to seduce Adam, or at least see him naked, and it pleased me
that nature had seen fit to provide me a fairly smooth body as I had
matured, given that I was a bit put off by an abundance of body hair. My
own body was actually quite smooth save for a narrow treasure trail that
ran between my navel and my somewhat sparse thatch of pubes. There was a
faint dusting of light fuzz on my lower legs, but my thighs, butt, and
chest were smooth as glass, and even the small patches of growth in my
underarms was hardly noticeable.

Letting go of my balls, I gripped my rigid shaft and pumped it a few
times, and then I ran a fingertip over the sensitive knob several times,
toying a bit around the little slit in the center. I really wanted to get
into a nice jerk off session that would surely result in me spurting a nice
ejaculation of warm semen across my tummy and chest, but I resisted,
deciding that my current horny state might enhance my sordid thoughts
regarding my challenge with Adam. In a high state of sexual need and
desire, I reluctantly got out of bed, and followed my hard-on into the
bathroom to prepare for the day. After a shower, I dressed in some shorts
and a tee shirt and went downstairs in search of some breakfast.

My fast broken, I left the house, and walked over to Adams house where
his mom let me in with her usual warm greeting. She told me that Adam was
still in his bedroom, and so I headed down the hall to his closed door. I
rapped on it, and then pushed it open and went inside, then closed it again
behind me. Adam was seated at his computer desk, dressed as usual in his
skinny jeans and wild tee shirt, and he was focused on a small shaving
mirror as he carefully applied eyeliner to his eyes. I had seen him do this
a few times, and it fascinated me each time I watched him do the somewhat
intricate application, the sheer “girlyness” of it somehow very exciting to
me. He didn’t acknowledge my presence until he had finished with his eyes,
and then he looked over at me where I had taken a seat on his still messed
up bed, and he gave me a sexy little wink and a smile. God, he was so
freaking hot I thought, actually pretty, with that dark eye makeup on, and
I could almost swear he was even going with a light application of lipstick
on those full, lush lips of his. I grinned back at him, and spoke my heart,

“You’re beautiful, Adam!”

He blushed, an even more “girly” expression crossing his face, and he
replied softly,

“You really think so, Jason…?…uh, thanks…and you are as handsome
as ever this morning, too.”

Well, I thought silently, if that’s how we both feel, Dude…let’s just
get naked and fuck! Aloud, I simply mumbled thanks back. Adam turned back
to his mirror then, his delicate fingers fluffing his long shaggy hair as I
lay back on his bed, the scents of him flooding over my senses as I
inhaled. God, he even smelled sweet, not in a perfume or cologne kind of
way, but something very different, a clean aroma, faintly of soap and soft
skin, and my dick swelled inside my shorts as I imagined kissing and
licking every tiny patch of skin that had left the sheets smelling so

Apparently satisfied with his hair, Adam rose from his chair and put the
mirror into a drawer. He turned toward me, and hit me with another of those
sweet and girly smiles, and said,

“So dude, another day in paradise…so what are we up to today?”

Let’s see, I thought, how about we drive out in the sticks someplace,
get naked, and try the back seat of my car for stroke? Out loud, I replied,

“Dunno, Pretty One…just hanging out again, I guess…anything special
that you want to do?”

He shrugged, and then reached for a shirt that hung on a hook on the
back of his door, and I quickly stole a glance at his crotch, hoping that
his somewhat stretched out posture would give hint to his package, but no
luck again. He shrugged into the shirt, as usual letting it just kind of
hang off his lean frame, unbuttoned of course, and then he moved to his
dresser where he began pawing through his jewelry box making selections of
rings, which he slid on his fingers. He added a thin leather band to one
wrist, a matching piece for the one circling his neck, and he turned to me
then and struck that little pose for me, the one with his cute butt stuck
out to one side while bent his wrist nearly backward as he cocked his head,
and gave me a juicy seductive smile as he said,

“Well stud, whatever we end up doing you seem to have already thought of
the lunch issue…I mean, that is a banana and a couple of apples in your
shorts, right?”

It actually took me a few seconds to get his meaning, and I glanced down
at my lap, mildly appalled at seeing my somewhat obvious erection and my
balls on display as the soft material of my shorts clung to it all. On the
other hand I found the comment hopeful given that Adam had never before
made such a remark to me, and I was encouraged that he seemed interested in
the subject. I moved my gaze to his totally flat crotch, and stared a
moment before meeting his grinning gaze, and I told him,

“For sure, Dude…you know I always think ahead…and if you’re really
good, I might let you eat some, too.”

He blushed again, and giggled all girly-like, and then answered,

“Cool…I’m sure there’s plenty to keep me from starving…how about if
we just sort of go drive around and see what comes up?”

Damn, another thinly veiled comment, I thought…this just might turn
out to be an amazing day after all if he stays in this weird little mood of
his. I got up then, and followed him down the hall where we said goodbye to
his mom, and then headed out to my car. As it turns out, the ensuing couple
of hours proved very interesting, if a little strange. When I say strange I
mean that for whatever reason Adam was acting very much out of character
today. By that I mean that since I had first shown up in his bedroom this
morning he was giving me a ton more sexy signals than was his norm, and as
we aimlessly drove around town he continued in that vein, both in his
thinly veiled remarks and his body language which surprisingly included his
reaching over to touch my thighs in one way or another several times. The
other thing that was unusual behavior for him was the degree of girly
preening and gushing he was doing, not a totally unusual thing for him to
do, but his exhibiting the tendency to the degree that he was today was a
bit over the top. Not that I minded you understand, I actually like it,
especially that part about him constantly gripping my thigh with his
delicate fingers, each time a bit higher it seemed, but that could have
been the result of wishful thinking on my part, and closer to the pulsing
boner in my shorts that had resulted.

I finally decided it was time for a break from driving, so I slid
through a Starbucks drive thru and got us some coffee, and then into the
city park in the center of town, where I parked overlooking the large lake
in the middle of the park. We sipped the coffee and chatted some more with
Adam continuing his gushing demeanor, including the frequent touching of my
leg, and it was driving me crazy that he never actually touched my stuff
which by now I very much wanted him to do. Finally, he made some inane
remark and giggled as he once again reached over to grasp my thigh, and I
had by now had all I could take so I grabbed his wrist and tugged until his
fingers were gripping my rock hard cock. He froze for several seconds, but
made no effort to pull his hand back as he leaned close to me and stared
into my eyes, a strange expression on his cute face. I held his gaze,
trying to convey my desperation, and when he slowly tightened his grasp on
my erection, his hand now moving slowly. I exhaled in a mixture of
exasperation and rampant desire, and then without really thinking about it,
I leaned in and kissed his soft, lush mouth, my tongue instinctively
pushing inside. He froze again, but just for a second, and then he was
definitely kissing me back, tongue and all.

As we carried on the soulful kiss Adam grew bolder with stroking my
rigid cock outside my shorts, and when we finally came up for air, he
nuzzled into me as I stroked his back, and uttered kind of breathlessly,

“Jason…my God…I have SO wanted that from you…and…jeez,
Dude…your cock…it’s so big!”

I was so stunned by the last few minutes I was momentarily speechless,
and when I finally found my voice I simply said,

“Me too, Babe…me too…I’ve wanted this…to kiss you…to touch
you…well, since we first met, actually!”

He sighed heavily into my shoulder, and a small shudder went through him
as he continued to explore my raging boner as best he could, given our
cramped quarters. My mind was racing as I tried to come up with someplace
we could go to be alone to take all this to whatever level it was destined
for when the grating sound of the weird ring tone of Adam’s cell phone
interrupted our reverie. Both of us jumped, acting as though someone had
suddenly caught us in the act, and then Adam grinned sheepishly and fished
out the phone to answer it. He handled this with just one hand, his other
hand carrying on with rubbing my bone, and I just settled back, letting him
do it, and I even splayed my legs wider to help him. It felt fucking
amazing too, even just over my shorts, and while I wasn’t a total virgin I
hadn’t really had all that many hands other than mine touch my dick, and I
was loving it, big time. Finally, Adam broke the call and grinned widely at
me as he said, all excited,

“This is totally fate; Jason…has to be…that was my mom calling to
tell me that she and my aunt are going to drive over to Northridge to check
out that new mall they just opened…and…wait for it…she won’t be back
until after dinner!”

I couldn’t believe it at first, I mean here I am racking my brain to
come up with some private place, and right out of the blue the perfect
place just drops into our laps. Wow! I grabbed on to Adam and pulled him
close, kissing his lush mouth passionately, and when we broke it we both
said, almost in unison,

“Back to the house…and hurry!”

Driving back to Adam’s the mood seemed to change once again, with Adam
suddenly becoming somewhat withdrawn compared to before. He moved back over
to his side and grew kind of quiet, and I really missed his touch on my
aching cock, and I started to worry that he was having second thoughts
about the whole thing. He kept stealing little sideways glances at me, a
kind of worried look on his face as he kept wringing his hands in his
lap. Finally, I decided that it was time to fish or cut bait, so I asked
him straight out,

“What’s up, Babe…you having second thoughts now…?…I mean, just
because things got hot there for a bit doesn’t mean we have to…you
know…I mean, I’d love that, but it’s cool…I understand.”

He shot me a look, his expression almost fearful, and then he blurted,

“Oh Jason…no…please no…I really want…you…us…to…uh…it…I
just…oh shit, Dude…I just…well…you’re gonna think I’m still a
kid…you know…?…you’re so…big…and I’m…well, I’m not, is all.”

I actually laughed, the relief rushing over me to hear him say he
actually wanted me as much as I wanted him, and his concern was the
freaking size of his cock! Hell, at this point I didn’t give a rat if he
was packing a miniature dick or what, I just flat wanted us to get naked
and roll around his bed, and I told him exactly that. He giggled shyly, bit
I could sense his relief at my comments, and in a flash he slid back over
beside me and started licking my neck as that delicate hand once more slid
along my thigh, gently touching my still rigid cock outside my shorts. I
worked some mental math to keep myself under some degree of control, and
exceeded the speed limit a little as we got closer to Adam’s house.

We went inside, and I headed down to his room while he walked through
the house to ensure that we were in fact alone, and then he joined me in
his room. Despite the empty house, he closed and locked his door, and then
turned to face me where I sat on his bed. He grinned shyly, and when I
beckoned to him, he kind of swished his way over to stand in front of me,
his hands gathered behind his back. His long hair hung in his face as he
looked down at me, and I slowly lifted my hands and slipped them under his
tee shirt. I ran my fingers over his silky smooth skin to his chest, and he
gasped as I teased his slightly puffy nipples, gently squeezing the tiny
points when they hardened under my touch. I withdrew my hands, and then got
that silly shirt he always wore off his narrow shoulders and dropped it on
the floor. Gripping the hem of his tee, I tugged it over his head and
tossed it, leaving him naked to the waist. I ran my hands along his thin
arms as I took a good look at him, my cock throbbing behind my shorts.

He was so thin, nearly skinny, and I could have counted his ribs where
his alabaster skin stretched across them. There wasn’t a hair on him
anywhere, and his pink nipples were wide circles on his chest, the erected
tips of them reminding me of a pencil eraser. His tummy was flat and soft
with a neat little button at its center. He was anything but buff, or even
especially fit, but to me he absolutely perfect, and I don’t think I had
ever wanted anything more in my life. I put my arms around him, and we
kissed again, the degree of excitement even greater than it had been in the
car, and I trailed my fingers along the waist band of his jeans, searching
for the buttons. He ran his tongue around my mouth, soft mewing noises
coming from him as I managed to open the button on his pants. I worked the
zip down, and then pushed my hand inside the opening, searching for that
mystery I had so often pondered.

I could feel the soft cotton of his underwear, and some exploring
around told me he had on some kind of very snug fitting brief that clung to
him like a second skin and suddenly I just couldn’t take it another second,
I simply had to see what he had hidden in there that he was always so
guarded about. I sat down on the bed behind me, and grabbed onto the waist
of the jeans, and then yanked, those freaking skinny jeans not exactly a
walk in the park to get off him. I finally got him out of them, and then
sat back to look at him, and I knew then why it was I had not been able to
discern any kind of bulge at his crotch. The tiny brief he wore was
extremely tight fitting and it was apparently designed to somehow keep his
cock lodged between his thighs, a little like the so-called dance belt that
male dancers wore for pretty much the same purpose. Be all that as it may,
I can’t tell you how fucking sexy he looked standing there in nothing but
those sexy little panties, but I was in lust, big time!

Adam bent down and tugged my shirt over my head, and then he dropped to
his knees as his thin fingers moved to my shorts. He fumbled with the fly a
moment, and then got it open, and he looked up at me, a coy and nervous
expression on his cute face as he worked the shorts down my legs, and
off. I leaned back on my elbows and watched him as his gaze settled on the
thick bulge in my briefs where my rigid cock poked against the soft cotton,
and he swallowed hard as his hand moved to my crotch where he once again
gripped my pulsing erection.

“Jesus, Jason…it’s freaking huge, and hard as steel!” he muttered as
he slowly stroked me.

I shuddered, his hand on my cock sending a potpourri of intense
sensations coursing through me, and I said,

“You touching me feels amazing, Babe…so intense…come up here with
me, I want to hold you…kiss you…touch you, too!”

Quickly, he crawled up on the bed with me and shifted around so that we
were stretched out side by side, and I laid my arm over him and pulled him
in for another of those delicious kisses. As we swapped tongues and spit I
ran my hand over his smooth back, and then over his sweet little ass. He
thrust against me, his pelvis grinding into my own, and I broke our kiss to
drop down to lick his smooth chest, and tongue his perky nipples. He seemed
excited by that, and he rolled onto his back, offering his slender body to
my attentions. I sucked on his nipples, my hand roaming over the softness
of his flat tummy, and when I slid my hand onto those little briefs, he
tensed up, his hand dropping down to grip mine as I moved toward his
crotch. I froze, and looked up at Adam, and I had to smile at his
expression. He had his eyes tightly closed and his sweet face was flushed a
bright pink, and his eyeliner had begun to run dark streaks down his
cheeks, the goo running along in the tears he was shedding. That spooked
me, his actually crying, and I suddenly flashed across my mind that I was
in deep shit should this whole thing freak the boy out to a degree
sufficient to cause him to tell his parents what I had been doing to
him. He was, after all, a minor to my own adult status, and as much as his
mom liked me I seriously doubted she would appreciate my trying to fuck her
baby boy. Deciding to give him a minute to get it together, or to stop me
all together, I moved my hand around him and cupped his pretty little butt
as I went back to licking and sucking his tasty nipples which he had
definitely enjoyed earlier.

A couple of minutes passed, and much to my surprise Adam reached back
and gripped my wrist, and then forcefully tugged my arm so that I ended up
with my hand back on his briefs. He inhaled deeply, and then blew out the
breath as he mumbled,

“Its okay, Jason…really…I really want you to touch me, I’m just
scared a little.”

“Well, so am I, a little…I mean, it’s pretty new, this stuff…and I
don’t want to force you into anything you’re not cool with, Babe.”

He rolled his head on the pillow side to side quickly as he blurted,

“Shit, Jason…I AM cool with this…I said I wanted it…I’m just
so…jeez…just promise you won’t laugh at my…you know!”

Oh Christ, I thought, again with the tiny dick issue…sheesh, how
frigging little could it be, anyway…?…and damn it, I’m no size
queen…I just want his cock, fuck the size of it! I looked into his eyes,
and let my fingers dance over his little briefs as I searched for his prize
and I told him,

“Look, Adam…I just want you, okay…?…I don’ give a rip how small
you are…and I sure as hell am not going to laugh, so just relax, okay?”

He nodded, his eyes closing once more as I felt a small lump slide under
my hand. He didn’t freak as I rubbed his stuff, so I shifted some, and
tugged the small briefs down his thighs. I bent to his puffy little nips
again and lapped them as my fingers explored his goodies gently, and in a
few seconds my hand was considerably fuller than it had been as he
responded to my touch. I looked then, simply no longer able to resist
seeing the objects of my obsession, and when my gaze settled on his naked
crotch I smiled widely, actually pleased beyond hope.

Adam naked was everything I could have hoped for, even if his equipment
was still somewhat on the boyish side, probably a result of a somewhat
repressed puberty. His cock was hard now, and it pulsed in my grip as I
gently squeezed the narrow shaft. It felt like pure silk, so smooth and hot
as I rubbed it, and Adam was trembling like crazy, his nervousness and
excitement overwhelming. I moved my hand lower and cupped his hairless
scrotum, the weight of his balls causing my own balls to ache, and I
studied his boy-boner carefully. He definitely had some remaining growth to
go, but small as it was now, it was beautiful. Probably a good four inches
in length, it was narrow in girth and capped with a perfect plum-like knob
that throbbed with lust so that it had a purple hue. I gripped that rigid
nail in my fist, and he groaned loudly as I slowly pumped it while I
studied his perfectly smooth pouch, the pink skin of it lined with tight
little creases of soft flesh that bulged with his nice sized balls.

I was ecstatic, his developing boyhood absolutely perfect for my
tastes, and I was so damned happy that I got to see it and touch it like
this rather than how it would likely be in a couple of years after puberty
had passed him by. Even his very sparse thatch of silky looking pubes was
perfect, obviously very recently emerged, and I felt myself drooling as the
sudden urge to suck him overtook me. Still gently rubbing his boyhood I
used my other hand to toy with his balls again, and when he groaned in
pleasure, I told him,

“Adam…Baby…it’s all so perfect..beautiful…I just love it, really I
do…and I want badly to suck it…to taste your pretty cock and balls, and
your sweet cum…can I do that, Baby…?…please…?”

His eyes popped open, wide with anticipation as he just nodded his
head. I winked at him, and then went right down there and took that hard
little boy-nail into my mouth. Oh my God, it felt incredible in my drooling
mouth, and I ran my tongue all over the shaft as I bobbed my head over his
cock, my hand rolling and tugging his balls. My rain of saliva slicked his
boner, and his narrow hips began bucking up and down as he matched my
sucking rhythm, and in a minute or so we had it going on. His fresh taste
flooded my senses, and the boyish scent of him was making me crazy, and I
could feel my own precum causing some serious wetness on the sheet beneath
me as I steadily worked his hardness in and out of my mouth. I was eager
now to bring him to the brink, and the anticipation of his creamy nectar
spurting into my mouth made my jaw bone ache, and on a sudden impulse I let
go of his balls and trailed my finger down into the snug crease of his hot
little ass, searching for and then finding his tiny pucker. He groaned as I
touched him there, my finger moving over the tiny muscle as I continued to
suck him, and when my finger wormed its way past his tight ring he grunted,
and hissed,

“Oh jeez, Jason…my God…it’s so good…it’s all so good…!”

His hot tightness clamped firmly onto my probing finger and I could
taste his free-flowing juices, and I knew he was really close now. I had
read a lot about the supposedly intense response to a prostate massage, and
I wiggled around inside his sheath until my finger rubbed across a small
nubbin that caused him to gasp loudly, and I continued to probe it
steadily, still sucking eagerly on his pulsing boy-nail. It only took
another couple of minutes of that, and Adam was a goner, his back suddenly
arching upward as he thrust that tasty boner into my mouth, and spurted his
surprisingly copious boy-honey across my tongue in several bursts. God, it
was delicious, so warm and creamy thick, and I savored every offering
before swallowing it all down as his sweet cock began to wilt and shrivel
in my mouth. I kept it in my mouth as it shrunk to about two inches, and I
finally backed off him, smacking my mouth as I savored the stunning
aftertaste of his yummy cum. I couldn’t resist stealing a look at his now
tiny pecker as it lay in repose atop his smooth pouch of balls, and small
as it was, it was still a thing of genuine beauty to me, and I couldn’t
wait to suck it all big and hard again.

I lay down beside him then, and took his thin body in my arms to hold
him close. I stroked his smooth back, and ran my hands over the sweet
globes of his little ass as I told him,

“My God, Baby, that was so amazing…so intense, and your cum is like
ice cream…so sweet tasting…and I love your cock and balls…I really,
really do!”

He snuggled tightly to me, and I felt his hand slide down along my torso
until he wrapped his narrow fingers around my rampant erection and began
stroking it. I shuddered, my abject horniness welling up quickly as he
pumped my shaft, and I shuddered again when I heard his soft, still boyish
voice say,

“It’s my turn now…I want to suck this big-boy, and I want to taste
your cum!”

With that stunning statement he pulled away, and quickly moved down to
my cock which he gripped at its base as he lowered his face over it. I
groaned in pleasure as his soft tongue began swiping over the knob, and I
groaned again when he took the shaft into his warm wet mouth and steadily
moved those puffy soft lips down its length. I sighed loudly, my fingers
threading into his long hair as he found his rhythm and began bobbing up
and down, rapidly driving me to distraction as my aching balls began to
churn. For a first timer Adam was amazing, only scraping me with his teeth
a couple of times. He worked my balls in his fingers, and the slurping
sounds as he sucked me were a pleasing addition to my excitement, and as
much as I wanted this stunning pleasure to last about a week, it was just
too intense to be denied. After about ten glorious minutes I felt my balls
pull up, and I clamped firmly onto Adam’s bobbing head as my orgasm hit,
and I jetted what seemed like a half dozen strong spurts of semen into the
boys sweet mouth. He gagged some, to be sure, but he gamely stayed with it
as I drained my balls, and when I finally stopped shooting, he gulped it
all down, and then sat up and grinned at me as he swiped his forearm across
his mouth to eradicate a few stray streaks of my cum. I grinned right back
at him, and when he collapsed onto me I held him tight, telling how great
he was.

By the time we had returned to planet earth I was a mess, sweat, cum,
and dark streaks of melted eyeliner were smeared all over me, my face and
body, and Adam wasn’t much better, especially his sweet face where long
trails of the stuff lined his cheeks. I kidded him about looking like a
raccoon, and he pinched the head of my cock as a payback, then we climbed
off the bed, and went to share a shower, another first for us both on this
incredible day.

Without going into all of the details of the ensuing events, suffice it
to say here that the shared shower not surprisingly led to another round of
wonderful sex between Adam and me that very special afternoon, and to be
fully forthcoming about it I should tell you that before we were forced to
reluctantly bring our tryst to a close, due his mom’s impending return
home, I fucked Adam’s sweet little ass. I hadn’t actually planned to go
that far with the boy, at least not this first time out, but trust me when
I say that after all that original reluctance and shyness, my little Adam
emerged from that first encounter as quite a little tiger, and he all but
insisted that I penetrate him, and when that incredible deed was done, his
only admonition of my performance was that I had…again…ruined his