Rain pelted the windshield of the cab. The thick smell
of tobacco lingered in the air. Either the driver was a
smoker or the passenger before me was. God I hated the smell
of tobacco. Thank God, I would soon be home and wouldn’t have
to be bothered with the foul odor. I opened my side window a
bit to clear the air and was met with the blowing rain. This
was going to be a beauty of a drive home.

Why couldn’t Karen have picked me up ? Her nursing job
was only part time and she could do her housework at any
hour. I was the one who had to travel, didn’t she realize
how tired I was when I came back from one of these trips.
Typically inconsiderate Karen.

“Turn here”! I told the driver. The cab jockeyed around
the metal gates and up the long drive. “Sheesh, sure is a big
house you got there Mister. You rent rooms or what”, he
laughed? I didn’t bother to answer him. Thank God the rain
was stopping. I left the cab, grabbed my bags and tossed two
tens at the driver. “The fare was $19.50, mister”. “Keep the
change”, I said over my shoulder and buy some disinfectant
for that cab I thought. “Cheap Prick”, I heard as an angry
screech of tires left my driveway.

I looked up to the locked door. Karen can’t even meet to
open the door I thought. I fumbled for my keys opened the
door and quickly stepped inside. ” I’m home”, I shouted. “In
here”, came an answering call from down the hallway. I could
still smell the godawful tobacco smoke, Karen would have to
launder these clothes and take my suit to the cleaners. I
walked into the sitting room. Karen was seated in the leather
chair a lit cigarette between her fingers. She smiled at my
astonished face and took a long drag of smoke. “What in God’s
name do you think you’re doing”, I screamed. “You quit
smoking before we were married and that was over eight years
ago”. “I never quit smoking”, she sneered. “I just didn’t
smoke in front of you”. “I used a lot of mouthwash over the
years, but that’s all done now”, “I’ll smoke whenever I want
and wherever I want and you won’t have a fucking thing to say
about it. I was astonished in all the years of marriage I had
never heard Karen use a word like that. Bad language was not
a part of our culture. It was reserved for the common people.
“You should see your face”, she laughed. If your blood
pressure goes any higher you’ll burst” “I won’t stand for
this”, I screamed.

“From now on you’ll stand for this and for anything else
I say, won’t you fairy?”, she sneered.

My stomach dropped and I felt the color drain from my
face. Did she know? Oh my God, my world is crumbling, I

“Fairy, I like the ring of that or would you prefer
being called faggot or queer”, she smirked.

“I’m nothing of the sort. I’ve never had a homosexual
experience in my life” I said. “Your whining Princess, that’s
a nice change from Mister Cave Man but do sit down and shut
up”, she said. “But I’m not a homosexual, How can you say
such a thing” I pleaded. “The pictures say everything darling
don’t they. Isn’t a picture worth a thousand words?” I knew
then that Karen wasn’t guessing she had discovered my secret
hiding place. I felt as though I wanted to cry.

“I said sit down” she ordered. “I have to admit that you
were good bitch, hiding it from me all these years. But you
made your mistake when you decided to start locking the suite
of rooms downstairs. I probably would never have even
bothered going in there if they hadn’t been locked. After all
I wasn’t interested in a man’s workshop. But when you locked
them, you piqued my curiosity. I just had to call a locksmith
to open that door. Oh and what treasures I found. Panties,
bras, garter belts, makeup, books tons and tons of books. You
do like reading those little letter magazines don’t you
sweetie and all those faggot books? There were also plenty of
movies with She Male titles. I watched them all darling.
Tell me when you watched them did you imagine yourself in
their place. Did you imagine yourself taking a big hard cock
up your ass or in your mouth?
Did you try to swallow that Dildo that I found or did you
grease it up and shove it in your skinny ass?”

“It’s not like that”, I pleaded. “I’m not a homosexual
I’m a transvestite and I get sexually aroused dressing in
women’s clothing. it gives me a release from the outside
world”. “I’m just as heterosexual as anyone else” Those books
you refer to are on Cross Dressing not homosexuality.

“Will your mother and father think that when they see
the pictures”, Karen smiled. “I found them also, you know
darling just because you’re small and fair skinned you don’t
automatically look like a woman just by putting makeup on and
a bra and panties I laughed when I saw the pictures. I’ll bet
that you thought you were oh so sexy. I wonder if your mother
and father will laugh also. I’m sure that your mother always
wanted a daughter, well now she’ll have one. Oh and if you’re
looking for the pictures dear they’re far, far away in an
envelope ready to be mailed if I say the word or if anything
were to happen to me. But nothings going to happen to me is
it sugar”.

“The thing that was most revealing were the letters in
those disgusting little magazines that you liked to read. I
couldn’t understand at first what the numbers were written in
oh so small print in the corner of the front page of each
magazine. Then I turned to the page of each number and oh I
learned so much about you. There are three types of stories
that you read and the same themes repeat themselves again and
again. Crossdressing, Female Domination and Wife watching. I
have to admit that some of those stories were really hot and
my hand did spend an inordinate amount of time under my
skirt. Would you really like to watch me have sex with
another man darling? Would you want to be dressed while it
was happening? Or would you rather have me order you to

“You don’t understand”, I said. “Those are fantasies”.

Karen leered at me, “But darling you don’t understand –
your fantasies are going to become realities”

I felt my stomach drop again.

Chapter 2

“Take off your clothes and lay them on the floor” she
ordered. “Look Karen, enough is enough. I’m sorry I hid
something from you but I’m not going to sit here and be made
a fool of”. The words had barely escaped my mouth when I felt
the sting of her hand as it lashed across my cheek. “I don’t
think you understand, bitch. I own you body and soul from now
on and if you don’t fucking do what I say, I’ll mail those
pictures to your parents and to that fucking endowment fund
that you manage for them. I’m sure the board of directors
would love to see what a fucking fairy they have running the
program”. The sheer hate on her face left little doubt that
she meant every word of what she said. I was beaten.

“I said take off your clothes”. I quickly obeyed. My
speed apparently pleased her. “The underwear too, fairy”. I
complied. “Well aren’t we nice? But darling I don’t think
you’re going to be needing that hair on your chest, arms or
legs anymore. Whores don’t look appealing with hair on them”.
A new feeling entered me. I could not help myself I was
becoming aroused. My wife laughed, “See bitch you’re going
to love being my plaything” Her foot gently massaged my
growing erection. I went to touch myself. “Hold it right
there, bitch. You touch nothing unless I say that you touch
it. You must first earn the right to pleasure yourself. “How
do I earn that right”, I asked. A slap stung my face again.
“From now on you address me as Mistress. You have no life
other than what I allow you. From now on you’re staying home
and cleaning this house. All the years I was married to you,
you never let me have a cleaning lady. Now you cheap whore,
the job is yours. Oh are we losing our erection?” she
laughed. With that she bent down and took both of my nipples
in her fingers. She slowly pinched and kneeded them until my
erection was back.

“You see bitch, there can be both pain and pleasure. You
will come to enjoy the role that I want you to lead. Now lay
down” I quickly complied. My erection was straining for
relief. “May I touch myself”, I asked. “Not until after I’m
done and only when I give you permission”. Karen lowered her
body until her damp vagina was inches from my face. My
tongue snaked out and touched her pubic hairs. Karen reached
back and squeezed my nipples. Intense pain shot through my
body.”Not until I say bitch” Her hands became softer as they
encircled my nipples. She slowly traced circles around each
nipple. “This hair must go” she said. “But first tongue me,
maybe I’ll let you be my lesbian girlfriend”, she laughed. My
tongue went to work and she was hot; hotter than I had ever
seen her before. I felt the jerk of her first orgasm as my
tongue worked its way in and out of her sopping vagina. her
fingers continued playing with my nipples. “Eat my cunt,
Bitch!, she screamed as her body convulsed again and again.

“Stop it now”, her voice quavering from her orgasm,
Still sitting on my face she reached over and took a
cigarette from the pack. She lit it and inhaled deeply.

“Remain where you are” she said. Karen got up and
turned her body so that she was now facing my penis. “What a
scrawny little cock you have”. “Thank God, I’ve had enough
boyfriends over the years to keep me happy”

The words both stung and exhilarated me. My wife had
cheated on me. My thoughts were stopped when she quickly
ordered me to reopen my mouth. She clamped her vagina on my
open lips and said, “No matter what happens keep that mouth
open” she rolled my nipples in her fingers giving me feelings
of ecstasy. Suddenly a warm trickle started to fill my mouth.
Karen was urinating . I started to choke. “Relax and enjoy
faggot”. I tried to free my lips but she held me in a vise
like grip. suddenly my right nipple began to burn, She was
holding her cigarette a hairs breadth from the nipple. “Suck
now bitch! Suck all my piss”. Tears filled my eyes but I did
as she said. “Now you can start whacking that puny thing.
Golden droplets continued to fill my mouth. I was only
grateful that she didn’t let the full torrent of her bladder
loose. My hand reached for my penis and I stroked it. I
sucked her urine and masturbated in front of her. My God it
felt good. The urine the nipples my whole body. My climax was
the strongest that I had ever felt.

Karen climbed off of me. “So now we both know don’t we
baby”. Karen reached down and gathered the semen that I
spilled on my stomach. “Open your mouth, faggot” “I won’t do
that”, I screamed. “You’ll do anything that I want you to”.
The cigarette again neared my nipple. I opened my mouth.
“Taste it baby, taste the cum” I did as she ordered. She
scooped up more and put it to my lips. My tongue snaked out
and took it from her. She laughed as a new erection began to
grow between my legs.

Chapter 3

“From now on pussy, your life will be simple. You will
do what I say and when I say it. Any discussion will be met
with my hand across your face. Do you understand what I’m
saying to you?”, she asked. “Yes Karen”, I answered. A
stinging slap greeted my utterance. “You do not have the
right to call me by my first name. You will address me as
Mistress. Can you understand that? “Yes Mistress”,I said.
“Keep your eyes lowered to the floor when you speak to me.
You’re a worthless piece of garbage aren’t you?” “Yes
Mistress”, I answered my eyes to the floor.

“I’ve decided that the foundation can do without your
services for the next several months. Tomorrow morning you
are to call Robert and inform him that you will be taking an
extended vacation. He can cover for you. Do you understand
me?” “Yes Mistress”, I again answered.

“Do you realize that I can make all of your fantasies
come true if you just do as I say, pussy?” I hesitated. “Well
answer me” she said. “I never fantasized about a golden
shower. I never wanted to do anything like that. That wasn’t
my fantasy” I said. “Did I say your fantasies pussy? Of
course I meant my own. but my fantasies are very close to
yours and what I want you will also want by the time I get
through with you”. She walked over to me and began to rub my
nipples. I felt myself hardening. She smiled and said,”Oh yes
you will indeed like what I’m going to do with you”. “I
married you for your money did you know that?”, she smirked.

“But then I guess I built up a love hate relationship
with you. Now I will control everything. Money is no longer a
problem it is all mine now. So there is no longer any reason
to hate you. There is only control and I will control you. I
will have you doing any thing that I wish. Won’t I pussy”.
I realized that she was right she was in complete control and
I realized something else that I did enjoy it.

Chapter 4

“Now what shall we call you?” When you sat in the room
downstairs wearing the panties and bra did you ever think of
a name for yourself?”, she asked. “Yes”, I answered. “What
was it” “Grace”, I said. “Grace”, she laughed. ” Why that’s
your mother’s name. My you are a dirty little pervert aren’t
you?, she sneered. “Did you picture yourself as your mother?
Did you imagine sucking your father’s cock?” “No”, I screamed
“It’s nothing like that”. Her hand lashed across my mouth.
“When will you learn, you petulant bitch?’, she yelled.

“I don’t like the name Grace. I don’t like your mother.
The only reason I could spend any time with her is that she
and your father live in Europe most of the year and I don’t
have to see her every day, Your father now that’s a different
story. Him I could see a lot. I always wanted to fuck him.
But I didn’t want to louse things up with you. You wouldn’t
mind if I fucked your father would you pussy?” “No, I
wouldn’t mind” I said. “Is that your dick hardening again”,
she smirked.

“Well lets see now, you are small and fair and you have
such big baby brown eyes. Almost like a deer. That’s it Fawn
would be an excellent name. From now on your name is Fawn”
She again started to rub my nipples. “Do you like your new
name sissy”, she asked. “Yes, I do”, I said.

“Good, Fawn today is the first day of the rest of your
life” she laughingly sang. “Now get into the bathroom and
shave off all of your hair. You can leave the hair on your
prick but I want it off your balls arms legs and underarms.
I’ll do around your prick” I walked into the bathroom and
climbed into the tub. The warm water that filled the vessel
felt good against my skin. My hardness again began to grow as
I started to shave.

This might not be a bad life I thought. It certainly has
brought new sexual adventure to an otherwise dull marriage.
But what if all of this is a fantasy, I wondered to myself.
What if this is Karen’s way of spicing up a romance. After
all how could she not really love me. What ever the reason I
would go along with her for now. I finished shaving under my
arms. I looked at the reddish water. I had nicked my legs in
several places and had one cut on my stomach.

Karen entered the room. “Bleeding are we”, she smiled.
Well let me get you a styptic pencil. She went to the
medicine cabinet and returned with the white pencil. “See
what we have to do to be beautiful, Fawn.” She applied the
pencil to my various wounds. A sharp stinging pain ran
through my body. “There, there little fairy does that hurt,”
she mocked. “Now let me inspect you. Ummm a good job on your
legs and your underarms. Now let me look at your chest. Good
there too. Oh what do we have here. Look at those little
hairs on your nipples. Give me the razor.” Karen gingerly
shaved on my nipples I felt a stinging cut on each one as she
removed the hair. “Oh did I hurt you?”, Karen’s look was one
that I had never seen before it was both sexual and ruthless.
She dipped the styptic pencil into the water and placed it on
my right nipple. Intense pain shot through my body, I let out
a shriek. She placed the pencil on my left nipple. I began to
cry. I swear at that moment Karen orgasmed.

“Well don’t worry baby you wont have to be doing as much
shaving soon”, she said. “What do you mean?”, I asked. Karen
reached into her pocket and brought out a syringe and a vial
of some sort of medicine. “I took this from the doctors
office. I can get all I want of this and the pills. These
route salesmen are so eager to see the doctor that they’ll
give you samples of anything and these are for my poor, poor
mother. The salesman was surprised at the high dosage that I
wanted but I explained that mom was a difficult case.”

Karen filled the needle and tapped the syringe. “Bend
over, Fawn. You’re on your highway to heaven” I did as she
asked I felt the needle enter my skin and the stinging
sensation that followed. “There baby now you’ve taken the
first step in becoming a real woman”,she said. “I’ll be
giving you an injection once a week and every day you’re to
take two of these pills”.

“Let me shave around that puny dick of yours. I think a
little triangle will do nicely don’t you, Fawn? It will be
your very own pussy and that worthless little cock of yours
will be your clit”. Karen did not wait for my answer she
proceeded to shave my hair in the shape of a triangle.

“Now let’s start on those eyebrows”, she said as she
walked from the bathroom. She tossed me a sheer black
nightgown and said, “Wear this! from now on when you are in
the house you will dress in only feminine clothing”

I put the nightgown on and the silk felt good against my
skin. I immediately had an erection. I quickly began to
fondle it, watching constantly for Karen. It felt oh so good.
I wanted to ejaculate but there wasn’t time. “Get in here”,
Karen yelled. Karen was at her makeup dresser. She lit a
cigarette and picked up her tweezers. I began to cough.
Karen laughed and began removing hairs from my eyebrows.

“Mistress”, I respectfully asked. “Yes”, Karen answered.
“Won’t it look strange with female eyebrows if I were to go
outside.” “With an eyebrow pencil and your glasses on no one
will ever know” she said. I felt relieved after all I still
had some pride.