Skinny dipping buddies

Maybe its because I had a bad experience in Boy Scouts, but I went through
a major part of my life where I had slight regard for nature. Why go
outside? There’s plenty to do indoors! I lived in Utah, a state filled to
the brim with beautiful locations and geological phenomena and I was
largely unaware of it. Once I was in college, however, my education
literally began to lead me out of the darkness. One day I was walking
across campus after a particularly illuminating class and suddenly I
realized that everything was absolutely beautiful – the trees, the flowers,
the mountains, the clouds, all of it. Had this stuff really been there the
whole time? It was like a miracle.



“We keep em strong, horny and hungry” the Asst. Coach said.

Carl heard him as he grabbed the body that moved towards him. He lifted and
threw the guy to the floor feeling the opponents arms grabbing his legs at
the same time.

He inhaled for more energy instantly experiencing the musky aroma of sweat
that permeated the workout room.

“Good. What about that one?” the man standing beside the Asst. Coach asked.


Look and learn

During spring break of my junior year in college, I was reading the “New
Yorker” magazine and came across an article with the intriguing title of
“The Naked Face. “Rarely does one read a magazine article that has a
profound effect on one’s life. But it happened to me. This is the account
of the life I had before reading the article and the stark contrast to the life
I’m able to lead now.



Mentoring is what the university calls it. Perfect placement is
what I call it. As a newly recruited freshman on the university’s
powerhouse football team, I needed seasoning in the art and science of
college football. I knew it would be different from the high school
version, but other than bigger men, I wasn’t sure what that would mean. It
was my mentor’s task to show me the new plays, toughen me up, and get me
ready for REALLY playing quarterback, not dancing around in the backfield
waiting for my man to get open.


College sleepover

A lot of men live in the closet their whole lives, and some by choice. They
enjoy the sexual aspects of having sex with another man, particularly the
“lay back and get sucked off” aspect of it. But they have no desire to live
a “gay lifestyle”.

It probably is unfair of us cocksuckers, actually. Once a guy gets a really
good blowjob, he’ll come back for more. Men just can’t help it, they are
biologically programmed to seek the ultimate pleasure of an orgasm. And for
many men, the blowjob is the best sex you can get.


Sex Game Gone Wrong

I groaned when I went up to my room and saw the tie hanging over the
doorknob. My tie, no less! I checked my watch, 4:00pm. Damn it, Gregg knew
I came back from my classes at 4:00pm! I gave the knock on the door, three
soft taps, one, then two, to let Gregg know I was back. Then I went down to
the TV room and plopped down.

Gregg and I had our agreement, if he needed the room alone, he’d put the
tie on the door. That let me know I wasn’t to come in. Then I would knock
when I saw it, that told Gregg that I would be back in a half hour and he’d
better be done by then and decent, because it was time for me to go ahead
and go on in.


Beyond Baking

Wow so my first day at work, I just jump right into my chefs
uniform and just begin scooping cookies. Well I guess I should introduce
myself, my names Ben, I’m 19 and I am a sophomore in college, I’m 6″ hazel
eyes, brown hair and weigh 160 lbs, and as a requirement I needed to get a
job within my major. My major is Baking and Pastry Arts, I know, you can go
to college and cook all day thats so cool! Well it is! I chose to work in
the school bakery since its so close to my residence hall (dorm) and I
won’t have to worry about commuting anywhere and won’t have to spend any
money on gas since is 4 dollars a gallon.

Well this bakery is basically run by students and some of the
instructors, and I was so pumped to get going and learn some stuff, I
immediately got going.


Scholarship Application

[In July of 1993, the prestigious research journal Science published a
study by Dean Hamer which claims that there might be a gene for
homosexuality. Dean Hamer’s study targeted the q28 marker on the X
chromosome. It found the same variants on 33 of the 40 sets of homosexual
brothers. From that, Hamer concluded that some male homosexuality was
influenced by gene Xq28. By no means the only factor in homosexuality, it
nonetheless pointed the way for things to come. Gay men were born gay, not
created that way. That wasn’t totally true, as it turned out, but….


Mistaken Identity

I went to a Midwestern university in a very typical college town. A
splot of small town hell that only had the university to keep it alive. One
of the things I loved about it was the many bars and clubs that had live
music. I could see a band almost any night of the week: punk, reggae,
blues, jazz, folk, pop, whatever.


Law Professor

Jon just finished the spring semester of his freshman year when he decided
that it was time for him to finally get some action. In between studying,
his part time job at the gym, and wrestling practices, he barely had time
to sleep this last semester. He was also addicted to Resident Evil, but he
often forgets that part when he blames his schedule for not having time to
kick back and relax this spring.

But now it is summer, and Jon is ready to take out his frustration and
anger on some slutty little submissive bitch prepared to beg for his cock
like there is no tomorrow.