My Girlfriend’s Father

I sat exhausted on the bed. I still had the panties wrapped round my cock
and now they were full of cum.

Being only 15 I melodramatically thought, “this is how it will be for

I had recently split up with my girlfriend Fiona and had it in mind that
perhaps I’d never get another girlfriend and faced a lonely life wanking
for pleasure.


Stud Turns Roy to Rowena

This is a true story, exactly as it happened. I wish the ending was
different but….

When I was 15 I awoke one night with something just inside my mouth, it
scared me. when he saw I was awake he grabbed my head and buried himself in
my throat. I was gagging but there was nowhere anything could come up. He
did a few short pumps and came deep in my gullet. As he started softening I
got to taste his prick and cum for the first time. He told me to keep quiet
and jerk myself off.


Bro and Me

‘Ouuuu, get myself nice and clean…’ I thought as I took
my shower that morning. The wife was soaping too. She turned
around and I slid up behind her, hugging her, sliding my hands up
to her tits and sliding my cock in her asscrack. She just stood
motionless, letting me have my way, reaching behind to pull on my
cock. She muttered, “Uhh.. I really have to hurry, do you want to
play or don’t you?”
I backed away. “Nah, just getting my friskies for the
morning dear. You’re just so warm and soft and..” blah blah blah,
complimenting her. My hardon wasn’t from touching her, it was
what was in my mind – what the day would bring. Once I got her
off to work I had the rest of the day off and my brother called
last night, saying he had the day off and could I cum up and help
him with a project…


Box Boy

Jeremy looked up while bagging the groceries and saw the
two attractive women buying groceries as they normally did about
four in the afternoon. He found then very attractive. One was a light
colored shinned black girl and the other was a tall dark haired white
girl. They both had stunning figures. Being a rather innocent fifteen
year old boy he could not tell just how large their breasts were but to
him they were huge.

They both flashed him big grins as he bagged their groceries.
They flirted wit him as he finished bagging their groceries. The black
girl used her credit card to pay the bill. He had been placing their
bags in a shopping cart and he offered to take their groceries to
their car for them. The girls thanked him and he followed then to
their car. They were driving a flashy brand new Mustang convertible.
The trunk could not hold all of the bags so he had to put some in the
back seat.


I Disco

I discovered crossdressing in my early teens when I was once
using the bathroom I noticed my mothers red lipstick on the
bathroom counter. I opened the tube out of curiosity and
twisted out the red phallic looking lipstick and felt
compelled to put it on. I felt a strange and exciting sexual
arousal that I never felt before and soon was wearing
lipstick and masturbating every chance I got. Eventually I
started wearing my mom’s and sister’s panties and bra, then
dresses, skirts and high heels. By the time I was 16 I
accumulated a nice little wardrobe of sexy bras, panties,
skirts and blouses make up. I naturally started thinking
what it would be like to suck a cock dressed as a hot slut,
and maybe even take a hard one up my little pussy-ass. This
lead to practicing on broom sticks, sausages and fingering
my ass during embarrassing!


Tara’s Transformation

I can’t really say when it all began because I remember playing dress up
with my mother’s clothes way before I started school. I never knew my dad
as he left right after I was born so it was always Mom and me. Like, I
said, I loved playing dress up in Mom’s clothes and Mom thought it was fun
to until I started school. Then Mom told me that boys did not wear dresses
and makeup and I would have to stop playing and be a “big boy”. I hated it
but I complied with Mom’s instructions. I had too because I was never home
by myself so I could indulge in my dreams. I would lay awake at night
daydreaming about wearing dresses and pretty thing and then my night dreams
would often be the same. In these dreams I would be going to church or
shopping with Mom and we would be dressed alike in pretty girl clothes.



His hands on his well-defined hips, Dominic had leant backwards, so as to
ease his aching muscles.

As he did so, he took the opportunity to quickly glance over his left
shoulder, at the semi-circle of people who were sitting behind him, ‘Yes,’
he thought to himself, ‘ he’s at it again.’



The mountain community of La Sierra Vista, California provided the
perfect backdrop for a second honeymoon.
Idyllic in its own way, the small town nestled up high in the mountains
was surrounded by forests of tall pine trees
that provided a tranquil verdance to the community. The town got its name
from Lake Sierra Vista, the biggest
mass of freshwater in the entire state. Lots of people from neighboring
San Angeles County came to vacation
here during the summer months and the Rossingtons were no exception.


Hellen’s Reign

My name is Christy Hammond. I was born on February 23rd, 1981 in Denver,
Colorado to Stuart and Rachael Hammond. I was 4 weeks pre-mature. That led
me to be small in stature my entire life. I grew up normal, besides my
size. I was an only child and my parents always seemed to be happy and that
reflected onto me. My earliest memories are always of happiness and


Exchange Student Teen

It was lunch-time, when Dylan cautiously entered the kitchen, quietly
closing the door after himself. He crossed the chequerboard tiles wearing
socks, his boots left outside.

Standing by the door to the lounge he listened intently.

Once more his sisters visitor from South America had pulled out of a day
out with her and his Mother and he had become curious. He’d said it was a
bad headache.