Black and White Christmas

Like most boys, Bobby loves playing video games. He especially loves
playing his rock guitar video game while dressed up in his mom’s old
clothing. About a year ago, his mother Jenny, came home from work and found
him jumping around in front of the TV playing his game guitar wearing her
old black leather mini skirt, torn fishnets, spray painted t-shirt and a
pink punk wig. she thought it was totally cool… Because Jenny is totally
chill with the boys obvious feminine side.


Curiosity Killed the Boy, but Freed the Girl”

I have the internet to thank for my journey into femininity. Walking my
long road in high heels began in 1997 when I was but 12 years old. At the
time, AOL had several text-based games, and one of them was a mystery game
set on a tropical island. The players had the option of going into a store
and changing the clothing their characters were wearing. Being 12 and a
huge fan of Monty Python, I thought it was the absolute pinnacle of
hilarity to put a miniskirt and heels on my character.


To taste new things

“Mom, I’ll be fine,” I said for what felt like the millionth time.

“Are you sure? You could come with us. We don’t mind waiting for you to
pack a bag!” my mom prodded again without success.

“Dad? Can you tell your wife that I’ll be fine? I am seven-teen after all.”
My dad chuckled as he pushed the last of the bags into the trunk of their
small, economically conservative car.


Noontime Rising

I opened up Yahoo, then logged into my mail account. I looked for any new
mail and noticed that on chat young John was online.

Now I’m always invisible when I log in, so he’d not known I’d signed in.

But this was young John, the fellow whose photo had led to me acting as an
in-house escort for his friends, just because I wanted what I’d seen in
that photograph.


A Moment

Sasha awoke, her cheek buried in the soft pillow, sighing softly as the
gumminess of recent waking overtook her body. She rose to a sitting
position, and smiled, as she saw Jamie’s standing profile highlighted
against the rising sun shining through the balcony. From this angle, she
could see the casually tensed muscles of his arms on the railing of the
balcony, the immense shoulder blades that made a girl want to caress them
as he made love to her. Sasha ghosted off the bed, and padded through the
bedroom to join him.


Oldies are enjoyable

I don’t know now, to which extent you people love to have sex with males. I
take it as it comes to me. It always depends upon the guy I am having sex
with. When I was in my teens, I always loved to wear shorts (I still wear
shorts at home). At that time I was quite good looking and smart and got
attracted to my friends and elder males too. In fact I started enjoying the
advances after attaining my puberty, when I was around 15/16 years of
age. Guys started putting their hands on my smooth thighs and caressing
with their fingers and palm, which always exited me. But I have been
choosy, and if I did not like the guy I would move away from him. I only
allowed those who appealed to me.



I’ve told the story elsewhere of how I started cross dressing and
eventually became my best friend’s girl friend. Whenever we were alone, I
would raid either his sisters or mothers laundry basket, then we would
spend hours lieing on his bed, snogging or with me giving him blow jobs.
However, after nearly five months, we still hadn’t had sex and peter was
starting to ask me about it every time we were together.


Making Love With My Black Daddy

The flames crackle in the fireplace. Light romantic music is playing in the
background. The wine is going to our heads. The bearskin rug is soft
beneath us. My sheer, pink negligee sticks to my sweat slickened form as
our hands roam each other’s bodies.


The Camp Sissy

My name is Ryan and I’d like to tell you about something that happened last
summer at a camp I was working at. First, a little about myself. I’m 19
years old, 5’8″ and 140 lbs with blond hair and blue eyes. My dick is 7″
long and cut. I was on my high school swim team so I’m in pretty good
shape and keep my body hairless (I even shave my pubes). Oh…and I’m a
sissy faggot cocksucker too. Hahaha.


The Baker’s Daughter

English is not my mother tongue. Try to forget that and enjoy the
rest. Thanks!

When I was 13 I felt like I could have sex three or four times a
day. My cousin Marcos and I had been fooling around for a while and
although he would let me fuck him, I always liked most when he fucked me.
He was 14 and had an older brother who caught us one day just when
Marcos was sliding his cock up my ass. At first he acted like he was
disgusted and ordered his brother out of the barn, telling him that he
would let our parents know what we were up to. But when Marcos left, he
turned to me and asked mockingly, “So, you like to take it in the ass,
right?” I was desperately trying to put my clothes on and said nothing when
he got nearer and said, “What about taking THIS one up your faggy hole?” He
had unzipped and his cock was out, half-soft, but quite impressive compared
to Marcos’.